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Planet TV Studios & New Frontiers, Produced by Christian Alain, Releases Episode on Luxe Air Purification Systems

Planet TV Studios & New Frontiers, Produced by Christian Alain, Releases Episode on Luxe Air Purification Systems

New Frontiers is a compelling TV series that uncovers cutting-edge development of high-performance air purification and the organizations that are fostering the air purification industry. Produced by Planet TV Studios, New Frontiers is an educational TV series in short documentary form to be featured on TV and on-demand digital platforms available worldwide.

KANNAPOLIS, N.C., August 20, 2021 ( – The Luxe Air Purification Systems episode, presented by New Frontiers, plans to broadcast in the third quarter of 2021 on national TV and is currently available on other digital platforms such as Roku, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other various on-demand digital platforms.

Planet TV Studios & New Frontiers, Produced by Christian Alain, Releases Episode on Luxe Air Purification Systems

The most experienced national providers of indoor air purification solutions and products in the U.S. is Luxe Air Purification Systems. Today they are a 35-year, family-owned business with a nationwide footprint focusing on air purification systems in several asset classes that include, senior living, health-related, big box retail and apartment residential communities. Luxe Air Purification Systems’ core objective is to provide their clients with especially designed ready-to-use indoor air purification solutions that help with in fighting dangerous airborne bacteria, toxic pathogens and mold.

The mission of Luxe Air Purification Systems is to be the premier source for indoor air purification systems and to serve its clients by fostering trust, professionalism, and exceptional customer relations. The advancement of air purification across all asset classes.

Luxe Air Purification Systems is a business on the cutting edge of one of the most modern and effective bipolar ionization technology use within the indoor air purification field. They partner with large real estate owners and operators to deliver the most proven scientific air purification technology throughout immense multi-state portfolios to enhance existing HVAC infrastructures applying air purification systems exclusively designed for each project’s unique requirements.

New Frontiers is a riveting series that explores hi-tech evolution of high-performance air purification and the hospitals that are reshaping the air purification domain. Created by Planet TV Studios, New Frontiers is an academic TV series in short documentary form to be presented on television and on demand digital platforms available around the globe.

Planet TV Studios creates cutting-edge, real-life, television series that features insightful, meaningful updates on the most important topics currently taking place in areas most important to our lives. Planet TV Studios is a leading content creation company which has produced numerous films, television, documentaries, commercials and docudramas.

For more information about the Luxe Air Purification Systems, visit

For more information about the series call Christian Alain at 888-210-4292 x100 or explore Planet TV Studios

Planet TV Studios & New Frontiers, Produced by Christian Alain, Releases Episode on Luxe Air Purification Systems Your source for news, reviews, politics and more.

Mold Removal Options

Once Mike moved from Vancouver to Silicon Valley in late 2016, he couldn’t believe his luck. He found a beautiful Art Deco cottage less than 30 minutes from work, with redwood forests and wineries on its doorstep and rent that was inexplicably within his price range. It was the dream home he and his wife, Jackie, had been searching for – perfect for the family they had been about to start.

If you feel like you’re observing the opening of a horror movie, you’re not wrong.

First, the heating acquired Unusual. “We’d turn it on and the whole house would suddenly fill up with this strange, humid, almost tropical warm air,” said Mike, who asked that his previous name be withheld in order to avoid retribution from his landlord. “Water would condense on the windows and just pour down the panes.”

Virtually no amount of cleaning held little blooms of mold from flowering around the walls and window frames. When Mike went down to the basement (disregarding decades of horror canon) he discovered that his heater was a 1940s-era contraption with rusted ducts, drawing air from earthen trenches flooded with stagnant water. They turned it off.

The problems stopped, and soon their son was born. Mike’s landlord replaced the heating system and sealed up the old ducts and vents. But when the rains came back in November, the baby became sickly and wheezy. “He always had a snotty nose and this constant chest gurgle,” Mike recalls. Their pediatrician dismissed concerns about mildew, instead blaming day care. The respiratory problems grew worse and shortly he needed an inhaler.

Demystifying Mold
Mildew spores stick to surfaces and, if conditions are sufficiently heat, moist and undisturbed, extrude tendrils which flip Nearly any surface into food – these kind the fuzzy structures creeping out of the corner from the shower. Ceiling tiles, wood, paint, rubber, carpet, soil, dust; it’s all meals to the mould, just incorporate drinking water.

How do you know when mold has arrived? That’s easy: you’ll smell the – how to put this? – the airborne end products of its digestive processes. That’s right, mildew farts. “Every time you scent that musty odor, that mould odor, that’s Whatever you’re breathing in,” stated David Denning, principal investigator at the Manchester Fungal Infection Group and a professor in the University of Manchester, in England.

What outcome does all this fungal activity have on health? Broadly speaking, we know there are two main ways mold can engage the immune method, and they depend upon whether your system is underpowered or overactive.

If you’re experiencing chemotherapy or have experienced a recent organ transplant, your evolved immune program firepower may have been depleted. The fungus can colonize the lungs and begin treating you as it would ceiling tiles or Wooden paneling, mentioned Matthew Fisher, an epidemiologist at Imperial College London. But this is more often a difficulty in hospitals, house infections are exceedingly unusual.

You’re much more likely to have an overactive immune technique that freaks out when confronted with the irritating proteins present in spores and mildew filaments. Filaments land within the mucous membranes of our eyes, nose and mouth, causing eye-watering, itching, sneezing, coughing or asthma attacks.

For most, these stop when you leave the moldy area. But experts estimate that between 5 and 10 percent in the population are more sensitive than others. “In an environment that’s colonized by fungus, you’re also going to be inhaling those spores every day and you may potentially become sensitized to them,” explained Elaine Bignell, Ph.D., who co-directs the Manchester Fungal An infection Team.

Sensitization means your body recognizes a substance and mounts an aggressive response to even the faintest traces of it. If you already have bronchial asthma, you might get a particularly severe “fungal asthma.”

More worryingly, a decade of studies show an agency link in between mould exposure in infants and the development of bronchial asthma symptoms by age 3. The only thing more correlated with asthma onset is maternal smoking.

That’s the settled science. Over and above that, things quickly get confusing, scary and unsupported. Various exploitative websites, remediators and clinics cite a handful of papers claiming links among mold and neurological damage and developmental delays in kids. Neither Magan nor Denning buy it. “There is not enough of a body of evidence to support this,” claimed Denning. “This needs much more in-depth investigations to prove cause and effect.”

That is always the tricky bit. As with conditions like Wi-Fi sensitivity, signs and symptoms of mildew sensitization are all over the map, and tangled up with other potential allergies, like dust mites or cat dander. In particular, it’s impossible to disambiguate whether or not someone is delicate to fungal fragments, the spores themselves, or the volatile organic compounds in the mould farts.

Some people claim that they are sensitive to chemicals in these V.O.C.s, but after they have been tested in placebo-controlled trials the effects have been mixed. When some members have been explained to that mold had been produced (but hadn’t) they would frequently manifest signs like debilitating headaches. When mold spores have been actually released without telling them, they remained unaffected.

Denning has a lot of sympathy for people who Are living with these issues. “It’s no doubt that these people are suffering,” he reported. “But as with lots of issues, the science isn’t there yet to say it’s really mildew that’s the culprit.”

The path of resistance
Originally, Mike’s landlord tried to fix the problem himself, bleaching the moldy partitions. “We call that ‘spray ‘n’ pray’,” said Scott Armour on the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, a global industry body for remediators. They, along with the EPA, advise versus bleach for a variety of reasons, namely that fumes can be dangerous and it’s usually ineffective.

Bleach only works for non-porous surfaces. It can’t touch the mould that has burrowed into surfaces like wood or drywall (supposedly, vinegar may help you there). But the most important reason bleach fails is that people don’t quit the mold’s h2o supply.

“First thing I do is check for leaks, in the bathroom or roof or a crack in the foundation,” stated Greg Bukowski, who runs the Chicago-based mostly remediation company Moldman USA. “There’s usually a leak.” In the event you don’t repair that, don’t bother with bleach or vinegar. Then kill and remove the mildew with detergent and water, then prevent its return with mould-resistant paint like Kilz (which, confusingly, does not destroy existing mold).

When bleach didn’t function, Mike paid for an indoor airborne mildew take a look at, which raised a lot more questions than it answered. “We had no idea how you can interpret the outcome. I just couldn’t find any information out there that isn’t written by remediation guys,” he mentioned. They told him he experienced the dreaded black mould, and required professional remediation. (Even if your mold is that color, it’s generally not the infamous toxic black mold. Except if the remediator has sequenced your mildew’s genome, don’t take their word for it.)

Whatever sort of mould you have, if there’s more than ten square feet of it, the EPA advises against DIY remediation. But where do you find a specialist for larger areas? Denning explained while the industry is not quite snake oil, it is certainly not based on settled science, and it’s being sold by an less than-regulated business.

Reputable remediators wanted
Bukowski is the first to agree. “We don’t have the greatest reputation as an industry,” he claimed. “There’s plenty of scare tactics, and so they leverage that to charge really high prices.”

For instance, the mold exam Mike paid out for was likely not useful. “There are so many factors not to do a home test of any sort,” reported Armour. “No residence examination is reliable. None are valid.”

Still, after the mildew check results, Mike and his family members moved into an AirBnB for two weeks. They ended up worried about the infant developing bronchial asthma – regardless of whether from the mould or in the “mold fog” Mike’s landlord hired remediators to set loose. Mould fog is similar to roach bombs and their efficacy is just as contested.

Not everyone within the industry is trying to upsell people’s misfortune. I.I.C.R.C. is an efficient place to discover reputable mildew remediators, and is also working to establish standards, guidelines and training around how to deal with the issue.

Irrespective of who performs the exorcism – you or a reputable specialist – after it’s complete, your work is not done. Some firms offer long warranties, but you need to do your part. Some individuals will have a more difficult time than Other people. If the ambient humidity in your area is previously mentioned 80 %, congratulations, it’s often mould season.

Your situation is probably even worse if your property is made of Wooden. (Brick houses anecdotally provide less nourishment for mold, but no official research validate this “Three Little Pigs” process.) In mild weather, get yourself a dehumidifier to keep your property under 65 per cent humidity, which prevents most molds from gaining a foothold. Since the temperature outside drops, however, a complicated relationship emerges amongst temperature and indoor humidity, usually creating the mildew-bearing condensation Mike saw in his household.

The rule of thumb is to drop the humidity by five p.c for each 10 degree fall outdoors, and regularly drain the drinking water from your dehumidifier and clear it. Track any leaks and cracks in your home and constantly change your air conditioning filters on schedule.

And if you do Have got a mold allergy? Pay attention towards the age of the bedding. I regret to inform you that the mites who live in your pillow poop there, which makes a tasty snack for mould. Your head sweats about the poop and the mold while you sleep, and then it grows.

Mike didn’t have to worry about the dehumidifier – this past February was the driest in California on file. Eventually, antibiotics and an inhaler cleared up the child’s pneumonia. Nonetheless, just before the Covid-19 lockdown, he and Jackie decided to abandon their aspiration dwelling. Other than tearing The entire home apart, there was no way to know if hidden pockets of mildew lurked driving the walls, as well as their landlord was tired of doing tests.

“We just didn’t want to wait and see what the house would do to our son next year,” he said. Their new place is more compact, more expensive and free of unwanted friends. For now.

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